8. Miss Prefect

5th year. And Aria was still alone. The best student in her year, but she never felt “the best”.

A little girl, with blue shiny eyes walked a the slytherins table, recognizing some of the important people her father told her about. Like the handsome boy who didn’t even look that way, Malfoy. Too busy to look at the new kids. Too busy staring as the brown-haired girl who was always smiling at the little slytherins like her. She found out soon that she was the prefect. Aria D. Potter. She didn’t question it, she heard that name before, but she was expecting…someone more intimidating.

“-Kids, this way! While the Griffindors and the Ravenclaws will go upstairs in their tower, we’ll go to our house. Which it’s pretty amazing and definitely more interesting than  the others. You want to know why? Because it’s underwater!  Miss Potter said, with a satisfaction look on her face while guiding us. She tried to be as enthusiastic as she could be but it was a little too much, too fake.  She smiles all the time. But she never really smiles for herself, only for the others. You can tell because her eyes are not as happy as she tries to be.

I kept my little cat in my pocket and followed her like my new friends-to-be. Dad said I should go to Ravenclaw… but I ended up here, as he did.

Well I can’t say I’m sorry, those are some fancy rooms and everything is so elegant… But so cold. I can say, the only warm touch was Miss Prefect standing here and explaining the rules. It seems we need her approbation to go out if we need something after 8’o clock. And she’ll solve any problem. That doesn’t really sounds fair for her. Everyone went to their room and I didn’t realize. My brother was in Hufflepuff, second year so I didn’t know anyone.

I waited here, because I didn’t really want to go at the second floor, where the girls rooms were, just to meet new people who won’t eventually like me…

-What’s the matter? A deep voice asked me and I dropped my cat on the floor in horror.

Mr. Malfoy laughed. What’s so funny about scaring a 1st year?! He caught the cat and played with it. Then, another cat, an older one with grey fur walked slowly in the middle of the room, looking proud and not impressed. Mr. Malfoy put my cat down and she looked at the other one confused and a bit scared.

-It’s name is Kitten. I know. Really impressive. He rolled his eyes and I chuckled. It’s not mine, miss prefect has a cat as stubborn as she is. If that animal ever comes near you just scream and run and it won’t eventually bite you.

I must have looked scared ‘cause he was laughing more and more while making fun of me. I decided I can’t be mad over something a Malfoy said. Dad told me that they are this arrogant, but I didn’t expect someone like him losing his time on me.

-My cat isn’t even half as bad as he says, and don’t you have better things to do than chasing 1st graders?  

-No, actually I love chasing people, especially little girls that have no idea what they should do when they are sorted in slytherin’s house.  

Is seems I missed something because miss Potter’s face became red and she started throwing insults at him.

-Well, then, miss prefect, I guess you’re not such an angel, aren’t you.

-You know what? Go and make out with one of your tramps and eventually get her in your bed, I don’t mind as long as no one hears her and she doesn’t go in the Great Hall telling people you screwed her in the first day of school. I’m sure you can put this condition since they can’t wait for you and your “friend” .

Well, I’m  old enough to understand these things…Do not look at me like that, mom explained me this stuff already, ok? But I know it’s not something you should say as loud as she did.

-Fine, only because you asked me that nice and because I know you’d wish to be in their place.

He had an evil smile when her face became redder in fury and he left.

-By the way, I was only trying to make a part of the perfect’s job, being myself a perfect but it seems she doesn’t need help. So kid, if someone asks you, just tell them I gave my best.

Aria seemed to suddenly realize I am still here and made me promised I won’t tell anyone about what I heard and what happened. I promised and I left with my cat but before going upstairs I could see her crouched in an armchair, looking straight at the fireplace, without any expression on her face while tears were shining on her checks.”


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