7. Alone

Aria was good student. She was learning very fast, she absolutely loved transfiguration and potions… exactly like her grandmother, not like McGonagall would tell her that. She was probably one of the most friendly slytherin. Aria was, in everyone’s eyes, the good kid each teacher liked. Professor Slughorn, her potions teacher insisted to talk with her parents. What a pity they weren’t so excited about her potions talent…

Anyway, Albus, James, Rose, Teddy…even Scorpius, were pretty surprised about how obedient she was. With the time… Scorpius has made some other friends, he and Aria started to fight and so, in the second year they weren’t even talking anymore.

Aria had friends, it’s true… but not a single one of them tried to actually know her. They were all trying to stay around her because of her name, grades or reputation in front of the teachers. Her brothers couldn’t help either. In the second year, Lily was sorted in Ravenclaw. At first, in her free time she met her sister and talked to her about everything. But, again, she couldn’t be with her all the time…and she had other friends.

5 years Aria’s been rejected by her brothers, her old friends…and used by her so called “friends” that she had now. She never felt so lonely before…  Even since Scorpius stopped talking to her in the fourth year, she really didn’t have someone to talk to.

“-What now, you’re becoming a whore or something?

Aria’s mouth opened in protest, but her words were not enough to say what she had to… Well, not her words but her hurt heart. She fought the tears from her eyes, looking at the boy who used to be her friend… He was staring at her with no expression, like he planned to say this before. Aria couldn’t believe it.

-Tell me you’re joking, and you didn’t called me a fucking whore. For kissing one, only one, boy!?

He raised an eyebrow, looking disgusted.

-If it was someone else, yeah, I might have been joking. Yesterday, seeing you being basically “glued” to that gigolo…

-Why do you even care?! You just called me whore, sure enough you didn’t thought about how you made me feel, so why do you care about what I did, since you don’t care about how I feel?! Besides, since you haven’t talked to me about anything recently, why would you start now?! Go back to your friends, talk to them, forget about me and mind your own problems!

Scorpius grinned.

-Maybe I will, for Merlin’s sake, if you are cheap enough to make out with that Zabbini whoremaster, I guess I don’t need to be known as your friends!

Aria’s hands were shaking, she barely stopped herself from crying and she tried to compose a poker face.

-So don’t be! Sorry, I thought, at one point, I have a friend! She shouted in the empty room. She run out from the necessity room and climbed the stairs for the divination tower. There was a room fulfilled of old books that couldn’t be used anymore, it was forbidden to enter that room, but Aria’s been doing this for a while. Learning new spells, reading about defensive spells and curses and sometimes just laying among them, alone with her thoughts.

She climbed on pile of books and closed her eyes, playing with her little knife for letters. Aria never thought she can  be that weak, but it took one second to look at her left wrist and start drawing cuts on it, while her thoughts became more and more desperate..

In the necessity room, there was someone else crying, because of how cruel and jealous he was. Crying about how he had to lose her, in order to make her happy… ironically, isn’t it?  He thought she was happier, he thought he will be happier, since she never looked at him the way he wished…”


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