6. The sorting hat

For Albus and Rose it was weird. Maybe even a little scary. It was hard to talk to them the whole trip. They kept chatting without paying attention to anyone else but eachother. But, when they arrived at the castle, Aria stopped talking. She looked worried and her face was a bit paler, Albus was a little worried as well but seeing Aria like this made him even more scared. Scorpius looked fine, like he knew which house he’ll be sorted in. Albus could already say it’s Slytherins. Rose was pretty sure they will all be in Griffindor, she didn’t have to worry, she was made for Griffindor, but James teased Albus for the past 2 years about this. From some reason, James decided Albus will be in Slytherin. Aria, on the other side didn’t know what to believe. All her family was in Griffindor and no one questioned the fact that she’ll be in this house as well. But… Well, that’s how it worked:

“- Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy!

The boy sat on the chair, not really scared, as the others. He knew his father was sorted fast, the hat barely touched his head. But…

“Well, that’s a first!”

-What is it? The boy asked in his mind already starting to worry.

“Oh, right. You thought it will be that easy? Well. You would do well in Ravenclaw, you know? Even better in Griffindor…

-No! Dad would…

“Oh, dear. You know he wouldn’t say anything. You’re more afraid of the others, not about your father. But, I got to say. Slytherin fits you better, it’s true.  You should remember, you have traits for the other houses as well. Don’t get lost in that “bad reputation” your house has…“

-SLYTHERIN! The hat said loudly and Scorpius jumped from the chair.

-Albus Severus Potter!

Albus sat on the chair with a shy look on his face.

“Oh, I see. A Potter. Well, it’s pretty easy. You don’t care about pride, you’re kind, but not patient enough for a Hufflepuff. That’s it. Ravenclaw or Griffindor.

Albus didn’t say a word. James was wrong. Now he was sure, James only joked around. He won’t be in slytherin’s house.

“Well, I guess, Griffindor!”

Albus walked to the griffindor’s table, welcomed by the applauses . It wasn’t that bad. Now, his sister on the other side…

-Aria Delice Potter!

The girl made one step, shaking her head and then she raised her head up, looking straight ahead, trying to look as confident as she could be.

“Well, and I thought at least this one will be easy. I thought the Potters are all going to be in Griffindor, but…so many qualities and so many traits in one person…  Well, you’re rough and not so friendly, you’re not a Hufflepuff.” The hat said, a little too loud, the whole Great Hall whispered.

-Choose already. I don’t want to be in any house more than the others.

“No patience, I see. Stubborn, and the big lie you just said… Slytherin will be a good house as well, right? You thought about that, didn’t you. You don’t feel like you belong to griffindors… Well, I agree, they are a little proud, but so are the slytherins…” This time it whispered.

-Not really, it’s more an arrogance.  Something that’s done on purpose, most of the time. Griffindors gained it with the time.

“Interesting. Don’t you think Ravenclaw would be good as well?”

-I’m not suppose to choose. You are. Choose. I don’t have preferences.

“But you know you’re not made for Griffindor. You have some traits, you’re brave, it’s true; ambitious and arrogant, as well, kind for people that deserve to be kind with and intelligent, very intelligent. Even your father was so much easier, that boy, just now, was nothing compared to you. Though… You have preferences.” The hat said all these things loud and Aria blushed, hidden by the big hat.

-Can you just stop telling everyone these things?!

“And also, shy. It seems, dear, that you have some characteristics of a hufflepuff!” The hat said not so loud and Aria prayed silently not to be sorted in hufflepuff. She wasn’t sure where should she go, but it was anything, but hufflepuff, it was too common, easy and boring. The hat laughed, telling her it was a joke.

“But  I’m pretty sure you’re too temperamental for that. Ravenclaw would be a good choice as well, what a pity they need to be calm and with analytical thinking. So, the question is, Griffindor, or Slytherin? I know what you’d prefer. Especially because that boy you fancy…”

-So? I don’t know where I shoud be put in…

“Your brothers are in Griffindor. You’d be good in both of them…You’re not afraid of what I will choose, aren’t you?”

-It seems you know me better than I do. Make the right choice. At least this could be easy, but no. I have to be complicated! There was a certain injustice, from her point of view. God loved to scare her, first with her wand and now this…

The hat was quiet, trying to understand… you can’t put a child in a house he doesn’t want to be. But you can’t put the child in a house he’s not made for… That wouldn’t be the case, she might be great in each house.


It started, but in the same moment, her mind was filled with disappointment.


The Great Hall became quiet. “

That’s what Aria was afraid of, being rejected. But, she was wrong. A few seconds later, the Great Hall was filled with the sound of the applauses coming from the slytherin’s table.  Maybe the other tables were quiet but her new mates were loud enough to fulfill the room. She was both scared and amazed, she didn’t expect slytherins to be so happy to have her in their house…being a Potter and all…

“-Pretty sure you’ll get lost tomorrow. Scorpius said with an evil smile on his face. Aria blushed, following her friend.  The stairs were moving. The paintings were talking. There were ghosts everywhere, some of them nice, some of them scary. And Aria could see way too many doors.

If that wasn’t confusing, she didn’t know what would be. Now, she faced another problem. Being scared of dark wasn’t something good, when your house’s common room was illuminated by a few candles with green light.

-I guess… You’ll need my help from now on. Scorpius said with an evil smile on his face.

-When you became my brother, literally talking, when you became a part of my family tree… I wanted to cut it!  She said with a grin, ignoring her friend who was laughing in front of her.”


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  2. imi place tare povestea. as fi vrut sa fie si in realitate asa, pentru ca mie imi place foarte tare seria Harry Potter. scrii foarte bine in engleza. bvbv!! imi place de Aria. 😀 felicitari!! :**

    • Multumesc 🙂 nu stiu cat de bine scriu, cred ca si autocorectarea are rolul ei dar imi place ca invat in acelasi timp 🙂 ma bucur ca iti place si da, din aceeasi dorinta am inceput eu sa scriu povestea asta 😀

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