5. Kitten

Several days after,  Albus, Aria and Rose were in the train, Aria and Rose trying to find Teddy.  Albus found a free compartment, but he only found one with a boy in it. Guess who?

“-Can I stay here? Everywhere else it’s full. The blonde boy didn’t answer, just shaking his head in approval.  My sister and my cousin will come later as well, I hope you don’t mind. I’m Albus by the way…

The boy watched his hand with an eyebrow raised but he took it anyway.


He returned to his sweets. There were at least 6 packs of different sweets on the  seats.

– No, you can’t have one. He said not even looking at the other boy. Albus grumbled something, when the door opened and Rose showed up.

-Here you are! Can I sit down…?

Albus couldn’t answer.

-No. Scorpius said.

Rose raised an eyebrow at him and sat down anyway.

-Can I have one of…

-No.  He said again. Rose took one anyway. Scorpius was annoyed as well. Albus tried to distract Rose’s attention.

-Where’s my sister? Don’t tell me you left and let her alone…

-Oh, she’ll be fine…

-I’m not worried about her, but for the rest of the train! Albus said with a grin. Rose agreed but didn’t do anything else.

-Your sister…? Scorpius asked a few minutes later.

-My twin sister. Her name is…

-I’ve searched for you the whole train, for Merlin’s sake! A shout came when the door opened again.

-Can anyone let me finish my sentences?! Albus said in annoyance while the short girl entered the compartment.

-Well, it’s not like you would have something interesting to say. She said looking at her brother. She noticed there was someone else in the compartment as well so she turned around at looked at the boy. The next second she was hugging him under the confused look of her brother’s face. As for Rose… she didn’t really mind but she was curious to find out more. She cleaned her throat loudly with a big smile on her face.

Aria closed her eyes and grumbling some bad words that she wasn’t supposed say at her age, from Rose’s point of view. 

Scorpius pushed the sweets away to let Aria sit down next to him.

-Show me your wand. It sounded like an order.

-If you eat all of these you’ll get diabetes. Better give me half don’t you think. He rolled his eyes and gave her one big chocolate. Aria opened her backpack and pulled out the long wand. Scorpius whistled  and then he became serious.

-Should I be impressed, because I’m not. He said in a playful tone. Aria laughed, while Albus and Rose looked at eachother not understanding the joke.

-Sorry to interrupt, how do you know eachother?

Both of them raised an eyebrow in the same time.

-We’re like…best friends, Albus. Aria said, like it was an obvious thing.

-And you say he’s your twin sister, Aria? He doesn’t look like you…

-Of course, he’s not a girl, I suppose… She laughed and Scorpius smiled, not used to make this jokes with someone else in the room, especially the one they’re talking about. At one point Aria realized that, and looked at her brother instead of an apologize.

 An hour later, the door was opened again and Teddy entered the compartment as well.

-Didn’t you forget something, Aria? He said taking out from his shirt pocket the little creature. The gray cat looked frightened and Aria took it in her hands.

-Kitten! Couldn’t you just come after me before? Why would you wait so much?

-It doesn’t look like you realized is missing. Besides, we had great fun, didn’t we? He said with a finger on the cat’s head. She was scared. After Teddy left, Aria put her on the coach next to her. Scorpius looked amused.

-Kitten? Nice to meet you, interesting name, by the way. Scorpius said amused.

Aria frowns.

-Shut up.”


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