4. Not any wand…

Now, you understand, Lily was closer to Aria than all the others. Aria being different from her brothers, Lily being the youngest kid, they were bounded by the same thirst to prove themselves.

We haven’t talked about Ginny. Well, she was home for about 10 days, the she was living again. That’s how it worked. But, Ginny love her kids and she understood Aria and Lily more than they knew. She was secretly telling them stories about how they were at school, about Harry, about the war. Ginny realized that they have to learn things to be safe, but she never had time to teach them something, only to prepare them for what they will find at Hogwarts. Also, she did understood why Harry never teached them spells as well. Harry considered his job to protect them ‘till they enter school, he always thought he will be there with the girls when something bad happened. He didn’t realize something bad can happen when he is gone.

Ginny was always afraid of leaving, but she kept in touch with the girls to make sure they are fine.

When Aria and Albus received their letters, Ginny came home to celebrate. Rose Weasley received her letter as well, so the Weasley’s came at dinner. But the only thing Aria could think about was Scorpius. More exactly, if he received his letter, if she will see him next year.

And then, her first visit on Diagon Alley. It was… interesting.

“Ginny was home to make sure her little princess will have everything she needs at school. She promised Aria that they will go shopping together. They took Lily too, so she’ll se what’s on Diagon Alley.  Except for the visits at Weasley’s, Harry kept Lily away from the wizards world. Ginny could not find an explanation for that, but she didn’t mind. It was less dangerous. Aria, on the other side, spent three years in a wizard’s village. Of course she wasn’t so afraid of magic. Ginny watched Lily’s amazed eyes moving fast from one shop to another, from one person to another.

She took Lily to show her some pets, while Aria entered Olivander.

-Hello, dear. Came for your first wand? Said the old man without looking at her. He took a long box from the shelf. What’s your name, sweetheart?

-Aria Potter.  She said hoping that won’t make a difference. Wands should not be influenced of anything but the personality.

-Oh, another Potter. Such a pleasure, your family had some pretty good wands, miss. Glad that Olivander’s is your choice as well. Try this one.

Aria took it, without a word and tried it. There were several windows in the room…well, those windows became only some holes in a second.

-No, I guess not. Let’s try another one, dear. What do you think?

Aria moved it only a little. It did not to do anything at first, when she tried again, it burnt the wood floor. The girl put it back in it’s box and stepped away.

– Let’s try something else, shall we? Those two had the core made from unicorn hair, how about a little dragon heartstring ?

He gave  her a short wand that produced a lot of damage with only one little move:  all the boxes, books, shelves, were down in a few seconds.

The man moved his wand a little and everything was back to normal, but he was really nervous. He didn’t know what he should try. If he would have another phoenix  feather  for a wand… He has never seen so much power in one wizard since, well since Dumbledore came to buy another wand for himself. Of course, he had The Elder Wand, but he needed another one. It took two hours to find it and it was one of the special ones with two cores…

The man blinked. He has to try, but what if it’s not, and the little girl destroys the shop?  The man decided to try anyway, he doesn’t like people to not get what they need. But now, he has 9 of those double-cored… Because of the power she has, it should contain dragon heartstring for sure, so there are only 4 wands that he should choose from.  But would it be better with unicorn hair, or it’s something different as thestral hair?

He finally took two of them, usually girls have unicorn hair in their wands, it’s softer and it work’s better, but he wasn’t sure it’s something normal with her wand. So he took the longest wand, the one with kelpie hair in. Every wand with two cores is long, to have enough space, but this was the longest. And also, kelpie hair it’s not something you find easy and it’s something that makes the wand a little brutal and restless. Comparing to the unicorn hair that makes the wands easier to control and less rough in attacks, the kelpie hair doesn’t look fit for a little lady like the one standing in front of him.

Aria took the first one, with unicorn hair and suddenly the water from the aquarium was on fire.  The moment she took the other one, Olivander took his own, thinking something will go wrong.

But Aria tried it. And it worked exactly how she wanted. She smiled, for a moment she thought she won’t find her wand.

Olivander was relieved as well:

-Now, listen to me young lady. This wand, it’s a little different, but also, powerfull. I’ll tell you a secret, it’s part of a series that I started when Dumbledore needed one. I had sold only two of these, yours, and professor’s Dumbledore. It’s powerful and hard to control, but it choose you.

The girl approved with a short move of the head and with a serious look on her heart-shaped little face.

-Also, it’s pretty long, 39 cm (15 ½ inches) , you’ll have a hard time using it at first. He said considering she’s so short for her age. It’s an old wand, really strong, but really rebel, temperamental, you’ll understand. It’s really springy, made of ash, but resistant. Take care of it.

Aria left Olivander’s way happier, shouting a “Thank you!”  for the third time before leaving. She met her mother at the petshop. Her mother, even a little worried about the long box her daughter had, smiled and called Lily. The little girl came with a box as well and opened it.

– I liked her a lot. It fits you. She said while Aria took the gray kitten from the box and play with it.”


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  1. w-o-w! ei, bine, nu stiu ce sa-ti fac mai intai-sa-ti dau o mama de bataie, pentru ca, m-ai facut atata sa astept atata timp, sau, sa ma invart prin casa, sarind de bucurie ca ai postat?Si un asa capitol incredibil de genial?Spune-mi tu!

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