3. Sisters

This chapter is half a present story, half a memory.


After 3 or 4 years when Aria went home only for events like Christmas or birthdays, Harry decided that, on the last year before going to Hogwarts she has to be home. Of course, she didn’t agree, they had a fight but  Harry is her father so she had to.

She didn’t hear anything from Scor for about 1 year and a half and she was kind of sad but she knew they will meet at Hogwarts. The athmosphere was the same, her mother gone somewhere, her father coming home late, talking to James about quidditch and with Albus about what he had read… Lily was different, she became closer to Aria, and one day she decided to share with her little sister all the things she has learnt.

Scorpius and Aria started learning magic, with his mother, Astoria as teacher. She wanted to make sure the kids are safe, knowing that they like wandering in the woods. She gave them two old wands and teached them in three years the basics spells and also how to fly. Aria loved flying, something that she never told to her parents, she didn’t want them to know because they would only be interested in it, rather than the other things she liked.  They trained each other and sometimes with Teddy. It was their secret and they kept it that way.

Aria showed Lily her wand and what she could do and her sister was not as surprised as she thought and she understood why Aria won’t tell their parents about it.

 “-Lil, are you so bored that you are reading?! That’s a first…!

– Well what should I do? James and Dad won’t let me change the TV channel and Albus tries his spells again. And you are also reading.

-Yeah, but not…  Shakespeare? Why do you read Shakespeare. You don’t understand half of the words, do you? I certainly don’t.

-Well what should I do?

-I thought you like watching Albus…

-He only knows 6 spells, he won’t learn me and he only reapeats them all the time because he wants dad’s attention. I can’t believe I say this but I can’t wait for James to go to Hogwarts, dad might try to teach us something too…

Aria smiled. “That’s ma’ girl!”

-You want to learn something? Lily noded and raised an eyebrow. Aria closed her book and jumped from the tall chair. She took Lily’s hand  and went to her room.

-You have to promise you won’t tell dad about this, ok?  He doesn’t need to know, besides, he would probably be more interested about who gave me this rather than what I can do. 

Lily promised and waited for her sister  to find what she was looking for. Aria came back with a big shoe box. She opened it on her bad and showed the interior to her sister.

– Oh my…!

-I know. My friend’s mother gave us this and showed us some basic things, you wanna see? This are some things for potions, it’s really fun and easy, but you have to be careful so don’t touch them please.

Aria knew Lily won’t do something her sister didn’t approve. While Aria growed up admiring magic and sometimes even being sick of how her father always tried to keep her and Lily away like the girls could not control it, Lily growed up to be afraid of it. The difference was probably made by those 3 and a half that Aria has spent with the Malfoy family.

The girl showed her sister some little spells, different from what their father has teached the boys and made her promise she won’t even mention them to his father. Lily kept her promise, the moment when Aria left for Hogwarts, the box was hers and she already knew everything about what she could do with the things inside, but her father showed her some things as well because she was the only child left in the house for one year. “


6 gânduri despre “3. Sisters

  1. In-teeee-resaaant!!!!Sincera sa fiu, nu prea imi dau seama, efectiv, , ce legatura are Lilly, cu Aria, dar, presupun ca legatura dintre ele va fi importanta, nu?Si, ador , cum imbini trecutul cu prezentul!Doamne, nici macar nu mai stiu care a fost ultimul fic-sau fan-fic, la care, efectiv, abia asteptam capitolele!Pur si simplu, scrii genial!Si, pentru ca ti-ai facut timp, si ai postat, mai ales ca a inceput scoala, nu pot decat sa te admir-si sa iti multumesc!

    • Cu plăcere, e drept ca n.am mai scris mult si am postat mai mult pe telefon si trebuie să lucrez la aspectul blogului dar încerc 🙂 încerc să ma tin de toate…viaţa socială, şcoală, facebook, poze, citit – pana acum imi iese 😀

      • aspectul blogului?(ceea ce imi aminteste ca vroiam sa te intreb ceva legat de aspect)la ce te referi?arata minuant-eu nici macar nu ma gandesc sa schimb tema pe care am pus-o inainte de vacanta, pana pe 1 martie!Inca e iarna, asa ca pastrez , fundal de iarna! si, sincera sa fiu, si eu am incercqat sa ma tin de scoala….pana ieri, marti, cand mi s-au spart toate in cap, deci, cred ca o sa le fac pe rand!

        • eu nu sunt multumita – nici de tema, nici de fundal, doar ca nu mai am rabdare acum, in timpul saptamanii, deci astept sambata cand oricum ma scol devreme si am timp de toate 🙂 despre scoala, tin pasul binisor, saptamana viitoare o sa am de furca dar sper sa mearga treaba 😀 si incerc sa ma ocup si de celelalte hobby-uri 🙂

  2. This is…AMAZING!I love this fan-fic.I practicly fell in love with it since I read the first sentence.It’s amazing what can be in your head these times with school,social life and keeping this blog alive.I am proud of you and I can’t wait for the next chapter!!
    Oh,by the way,the characters are FABULOUS!!!I adore them!

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