2. Introduce yourself

“Well, hello…!

I guess I have to tell you, guys, something about me. My mother is a quidditch player, a famous one. My father is one of the best aurors in the history. That kind of sums it up. No  one ever cares about what I can do.

When they hear “Potter” they ask about quidditch or spells. No one ever asks about potions, for example. I love potions. It’s my favourite subject, but no one seems to care. Well, except for Scorpius, of course. I’ve met Scor when I was six. He’s pretty arogant, but he pays attention to details. Like the fact that my parents are never interested in my potions good grades, or the fact that my transfiguration teacher thinks I’m the best of my generation. No. I have good grades at everything, the difference is I don’t care so much about defence against dark magic or charms, like my parents.

I’m sick of being compared to them, I’m sick of them asking about quidditch and all the things they were good at. But who cares, right? No one asks what I would like to become. They all think I’ll make a great auror. Awsome, anyone cares about how much I love to sing? No. Of course not.

Sorry, I forgot to talk about Scor. First time I met Scor, dad said he and Scor’s  father are friends, but they looked more like aquitances, from my perspective. Anyway, we were sopposed to play. I remember quite well, first thing I said, looking at him, was: “Should I be impressed? Because I’m not.”

Those words have cut some of his arrogance at that time, and for about a month we hated eachother. But in front of our parents we pretended to be friends.

My dad always thought I’m difficult. Maybe because we’re so alike, both stubborn and both talking before considering the consequences.  Anyway, when I was six something I said annoyed him and he decided to take me to Teddy’s house for the summer. Interesting is that he thought it was a good punishment, but at the end of the summer I didn’t want to leave. The day he took me there I met Scor. After a month, we were best friends. Teddy and I have always been closer than the others, Scor was my friend, and at my parents house I had to listen all the time how Albus learns magic things fast and how James  can already fly even he’s only seven… Lily is dad’s favourite, mom barely comes home because of the quidditch. So why would I leave Teddy’s house?

Grandma Tonks loves me like I would be Teddy’s sister, Mrs and Mr Malfoy  like me a lot, Teddy takes me with him and his friends everywhere, and Scorpius and I are best friends.  It looked more like a family. Of course, I love my brothers and my parents, but I find it easier to be somewhere I enjoy to be, rather than somewhere where I feel less confortable.

One month after I came to grandma’, I got lost in the wood. And guess who followed me? Of course, Scorpius Malfoy who couldn’t wait to show me he can do something I can’t. Well I was scared, not that I’d tell him that, and I was relieved he came after me. Since then our friendship is based on irony, sarcasm and arrogance. It’s weird, but he’s been here for me all the time, he knows when to stop the jokes or how to make me laugh when I’m sad. He’s been here when I need someone to save me, no wonder I fell in love with him, right?”


2 gânduri despre “2. Introduce yourself

  1. wow! wow! wow!ei bine, imi retrag cuvintele!ai putea, foarte bine, sa scrii si engleza, pentru ca,ei bine, o faci minunat!e destul de interesant, pentru ca, tu nu pari sa prezinti, familia potter, vesea, si fericita, si optimista, si, ei bine,perfecta, asa cum, imi pare mie, la sfarsitul cartii, ci, ca o familie normala, cu certurile, si problemele ei.Abia astept sa vad urmatorul capitol!si , un sfarsit de vacanta minunat!:)

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