Holding Hands

I miss holding someone’s hand.
It’s weird how holding hands has become more intimate than a kiss. You see all these girls, younger and older than you – all of them kissed someone, somewhere and this became something ordinary, something you see daily. It’s a routine sometimes, sometimes is just an old habit.

Holding hands seems more real, more like a connection rather than a show of affection.
Don’t get me wrong kiss can be filled with love and passion but most kisses I have shared with some one else this past year were filled with lust and loneliness. A desperate action for desperate souls.

Kissing someone is not similar to loving someone anymore. It became something close to a hobby, or a skill that should be learned.

I miss the safety and the reality that it’s offered by holding hands.
Holding hands is with someone you love or even just their skin lightly brushing against yours is the most reassuring thing to me. It makes me feel so safe and comfortable. Like walking around in your favorite sweater.


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