John, is that you?

This is John. John is an optimist. Something bad happens? Don’t worry, something good will come after this. You lost once? There’s no rainbow without rain. 

One day he met this person. 

They became friends. 

Then, best-friends.

And he trusted him with everything. 

But this best-friend had another best-friend. And other 5 good-friends. John only had him. 

Then John came to tell him something. And his best-friend had something to do with someone else. And John was abandoned. He said: no problem, tomorrow it will be better. Tomorrow his best friend had to visit another friend. John said: ok, maybe tomorrow. 

And of course, this maybe turned into „I hope”, „Is there any possibility?”, „I don’t think he can…” and we can go on.

But John still said he was his best friend. Not because he deserved to be best-friends with John.

John was alone before and he couldn’t stand the thought of being alone again. And he hoped ‘till that hope turned to nothing. He had a best-friend, but he was alone.

He was once an optimist but now he’s just sad. 

That’s what people do, if you don’t find the right ones they can destroy you, with or without their will. 

But don’t worry. One day, John met Jim. And Jim asked John to hang out with him and his friends. And John descovered he has a good time, without his best friend. And Jim kept asking him to hang out. And John accepted everytime. 

He learned that life isn’t always good, but if you can’t change it you just got to…move one, to accept and to hope.

Now he knows, he was right. You are right to be positive. Better times will come. 


Is it chilidish? Or just too simple? this is what you think?

It’s just reality. Hope for the best tomorrow, don’t worry about „now”.


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