The only lady I ever loved was bright, dark and disturbing. She was everything, and now I can see why. She was unique, not like all these women who pretend to be, but act the same.

Right now I’m on my new pet. Licsandra. Her name was special, I hoped she was special too. I was disappointed. Story of my life.

While she screamed my name between adoring moans I couldn’t stop thinking about my lady. She was that person I won with so much effort. I promised I’d never let her go.

And I did.

People say love is powerful. People also say nothing else matters. Wrong.

Money matter, power matters, safety matters. Love doesn’t compete with all these three together. And when this is multiplied to the…immensity of a rising career in business, there is no such a thing as love. As a young and successful business man, even if I have a billion top models naked in front of me, next to a billion dollars…my will might drive me to those beautiful women, but my job would force me to take the money.

The choice is not mine. My choice is gone. It was made the moment I decided to take on this path. And no, I didn’t know what it means. I was a stupid teenager who wanted money. Now I grew up. I know people who pretend to love each other, people who wait for their wife or husband to die so they can be free and rich at the same time, people who killed and who did more illegal things than the number of hours I’ve ever spent sleeping. I learned that I choose a path where people are betrayed for being to proud or to clean and only the dirty would win in this world.

Of course, I am one of the dirty ones.

This is about dominating. Something she couldn’t stand. She asked me to leave, to let the money, to let a big fusion blow in the wind so we could be together. The fusion was explicit. I can’t marry or have any long-term relationship. And as an idiot asshole, I refused her. The only thing that brought light here, but I decided success was more important.

And now I fuck this Licsandra, chick and think about my beloved Tesla. And I try to convince myself that if I go now at her door, she would accept me back.

You would ask me why don’t I try?

I don’t know either.

I guess it has something to do with the fact that…I don’t deserve to be accepted back.


Va roooooog spuneti-mi ca nu stric tot farmecul cu nota asta ! :)) 

Pai ce sa va zic dragilor, cea mai frumoasa vara din ultimii ani, cea mai productiva (nu in materie de carti totusi =)) ) si pot spune ca daca toata viata ar fi asa, ce bine ar fi. Trezit la 11, plimbari zilnice, program incarcat, distractie maxima, prieteni super smecheri, zi de nastere awsome, urari de la toata lumea care mi-au facut ziua mult mai buna si m-au facut sa ma simt apreciata, plimbat peste tot, incercat lucruri noi, intalnit oameni noi….ce mai, super, nu? Ei scumpilor, ma intorc la treaba, ca doar de, incepe scoala, incepe cu energie si cu planuri: mananc sanatos, ma tin de invatat, fac sport, scriu zilnic! si continua cu Rya trezindu-se tarziu, fugind la scoala si intorscandu-se acasa sa joace sims si sa stea pe facebook. 

Oh, Rya, cand o sa inveti?

Ia spuneti dragii mei, in primul rand, ce parere aveti de prima mea povestioara (meh se putea mai bine, am 16 ani, nu ma intimideaza scenele de sex…decat un pic :)) ) in engleza din perspectiva masculina? 

Si in al doilea rand, ce fel de vara a fost asta? Una buna, una rea, plina de emotii de la examene, bac si altele, sau lejera si fara griji? Ati luat decizii? V-ati schimbat? Ati evoluat? Sau ati profitat de bine-meritata pauza?


3 gânduri despre “#business

  1. Sfinte, te rog eu, nu te opri din scris! E bun, foarte bun ce ai scris acolo. Si stiu ca poti sa ii atasezi o continuare.
    Cat despre vara asta, well, desi nu am facut nimic special, cred ca a fost cea mai placuta vara de pana acum 🙂
    Ma bucut ca te.ai distrat Rya 🙂 sa te tii de sport!

    • Dar am atatea deja inceputeee 😦 ce ma fac eu, Lexy? Nu pot sa scriu continuari 😦
      Ma bucur ca si tu te-ai simtit bine vara asta 🙂 cred ca la anu o sa fie si mai bine, doar de fiecare data zic ca e cea mai buna vara :))

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