Living beings.

Let me tell you some stories.

Firstly, Ashley. She loved him, but things just didn’t workout well.

They broke up, but she still loves him. And he moved on and that breaks her heart. Now, she watches as another girl took her place near the boy she still loves.

Secondly, there is this girl, TanyaWell, her story is simple to explain: she made things complicated and now she is lost between her problems. Yeah, it seems fair, right?

She liked one boy(A), and then she met another(B) and she loved him…for real. She forgot about A. The thing is, everybody knows she likes A. Even A knows she likes him, and he doesn’t care, he just ignores her. This hurts a bit, it’s disappointing. But the other boy (B) thinks she loves A too and he has no idea Tanya actually loves him. This is breaking her heart and it hurts as hell.

And then, another girl: Linda. She was ordinary, and  fell for a boy  who wasn’t ordinary.

She tried to stop herself from loving him, she never did anything to start something, to force a friendship or more, so things are  clear…and he has no idea that she loves him. She’s crying every night. She wonders how would it be if he actually liked her back. This is keeping her up in the night.

Oh, let’s not forget of Meredith. She had so much confidence. She loved a boy who could never love her. Or any other girl, he only loved himself.

She was brave enough to tell him…and she had to suffer then his jokes and mean words and people’s judgment and many other things. And she started hating herself for loving someone who didn’t care and who dind’t deserve her love.

Now, we have Anne. Once, she loved someone and he didn’t give a damn about that love. 

Now she does the same to other people. She’s afraid she’ll get hurt, so she never allows herself to love. Anne is a heartbreaker, she seduces, but she doesn’t love. She is hated and she is loved, and she is so afraid, what if she will fall in love and she will suffer…again?


Last but not least… Sarah. She’s deeply in love, she’s been in that relationship for a year, everything is working fine. She is happy.

We love for that chance of happiness, we keep ourselves from loving someone because we are afraid we’ll be hurt. 

Which one are you? I am Tanya and it feels like hell. If you are not „a Sarah”, then it feels like hell and you’ve got to live with that. So who are you?


6 gânduri despre “Living beings.

  1. Yeah, I think everybody wants to be Sarah. I read this post and I found a person from my friends who fits perfectly in each group. My best friend is a Ashley, and she does the shit all over again – you figured that one time is enough to blow your world, but the thing is that this guy always come back and she always say yes even if she knows is stupid.
    For me…well, I’m a Anne….

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