“That girl in the photo,
who wears a smile upon her face
with twinkles in her eyes
and a skin that glows
You have no ideaYou have no idea
how she once struggled
in finding herself
and in fighting for her
many dreams

That girl in the photo,
she once cried for
365 consecutive days
and suffered eight years
of depression

That girl in the photo,
she once thought that
her body was fat
and starved herself
for days

That girl in the photo,
she once wanted to
kill herself with her
bare hands and just

That girl in the photo,
she once hated herself
for the way that
she wasn’t perfect
in any aspect

That girl in the photo,
she was a wallflower
who was thought to be
anti-social because
she was quiet

That girl in the photo,
she once had best friends
that she loved
but lost them when
they left her

That girl in the photo,
she had parents who
restricted her freedom
and criticized her
for being useless

That girl in the photo,
she had her heart broken
one too many times
and lost herself
in so many ways

That girl in the photo,
you have no idea
how much she cried
and wanted to end
her precious life

That girl in the photo,
she grew out of it one day
when she started to learn
to love herself
for who she was

And now,
it is your turn

Remy Raine, „That Girl in the Photo”

Maybe you never felt that way before. Maybe you were one of these people who tought that being sad is being weak. But when it’s your turn, you understand the sadness, the lonelyness, the lack of energy and truth from others eyes. And you try to escape, exactly how they tried and you see how valuable is the help you didn’t gave to them.

I was on the edge. I was almost there, and I am back and happy. I understood that I needed help but I had to help myself. This is the only thing kept me alive. So, you see, people won’t help you. The thing that doesn’t work, it’s yourself. Start loving yourself, start saying what’s on your mind, start thinking you are as important as everyone else is.

Being you it’s the best you can be.


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