You saved „forever”

Just read, please…I felt like I should let this slip out of my mouth… you’re the only ones to listen…


I was alone. Alone in the midnight, when no one else was there with me…

Blood and tears on my hands.

Cuts on my hands and a poor broken heart, ‚cause no one was there to fix it

And so many little things we’re pushing me away…

And so many persons that left before I could do anything…

And you came and took my hands in yours.

Because your hands were strong enough to help me

Because your heart was strong enough to save mine.

Because I was weak and you were not…

You looked at me with those beautiful black eyes

I felt like they will never let my eyes to blink

Because they were right there and no one asked them to be

Because you wanted to save me.

Because everything felt wrong without that look in your eyes

And that’s the moment when

You pressed your lips on my forehead

And you said those words I’ll never forget…

Those words that saved me from falling apart

Those words that saved my life

There were just some little things you said.

I tried to fight you back, to take my poor hands from yours.

But you said this, as easy as if you had them on your lips since forever…

And you gently kissed my hands, my hurt hands, and with that you saved my soul

Because you looked at me and you said what I needed to hear

You said something no one ever said to me

„Don’t. For me. Don’t die for me, because I’m  here for you.”

My heart was already dead, but as in a fairy tale…

You came, my prince.

And kissed a princess that never thought she’s worth it….

And you opened her eyes, before she could even close them…

And that’s why I’ll be yours forever

Because this is not a fairy tale:

If I  would have closed my eyes…

I wouldn’t have opened them again, because life never gives you a second chance…

But you gived me one.

I’m yours, and I’ll always remember these words

You saved my life with them,

With one moment, you saved my „forever”

Our „forever”.


Nu este parte din nimic. Este doar…ceva ce am scris. Ceva ce ar trebui sa se refere la Les Ames…si totusi nu se refera la asta. Incepuse prin asta, apoi a evoluat si a ajuns ce e acum. O alta poveste. O sinteza a ceea ce incerc sa spun prin toate povestile mele.

As fi vrut sa poate fi un cantec, dar nu o pot face sa rimeze, nu pot schimba ce-am scris, si v-as ruga sa nu va suparati, luati-o ca pe ceva abstract.

V-am spus ca am o noua poveste? Nu, nu e postata. Am un capitol. Un capitol care se potriveste prea bine cu ce am scris mai sus. Ati vrea o poveste bazata pe poemul meu fara rima?

Doamne, trebuie sa incetez sa ascult melodii care ma fac sa plang. Din cauza lor scriu lucruri care ma fac sa plang.



3 gânduri despre “You saved „forever”

  1. Nu trebuie sa aibe neaparat rima.Daca imi dai cateva zile poate pot sa-i fac o linie melodica cine stie?Si revenind.
    I absolutely loved this.It was so deep and brave in a way that no one could see it.The love everyone desires.But no one can have it.Except you.And you had it above where everything was about to be alright and beautiful like it should have been from the start.Anyway,this reflects all of your stories,you were right about that and I am glad that I could see,read and be happy for being able to read all of them in a single post.Awsome,I can’t wait for the new story and remember,life is beautiful!!Don’t stop running until it’s finished,It’s all up to you,the rest is unfinished.., ,Just saying,take care,ok?

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