I just need friends… :(

I can’t understand. I just feel like all the others are having fun without me, like everyone else is doing better than me and I’m just a lonely sad person while they do whatever they want when they want. That’s because they don’t let me grow up. They still think that I might get in trouble without them and that I can’t do anything by myself and that’s not fair because I can’t even get a chanse to prove that they are wrong.

I need to show them that they can’t keep me safe forever and that I cand do things myself. I’m not the type of kid who get’s in trouble, but they just don’t understand that if something happends, it happends with or without them.

I feel like I’m their little puppet and they’re afraid to lose me… and my friends are the oposite. They show me they have fun without me, they have no idea how much it hurts that they don’t even try to insist or at least make you feel better. It’s the worst nightmare, to have around you people who can’t let you actually live and also people who won’t ever care about how you’re doing if they’re having fun. That’s why I need a new fresh start: without my so called „friends” that never think of me or how I feel.

I just hope I’ll find some people who will actually care.

P.S. Sorry for english, but I just needed to tell this to someone…but not anyone. Someone that could definetly understand, and I know all of you understand english…


8 gânduri despre “I just need friends… :(

  1. Omg, Rya, i just want to beat you right now. Listen to me, you are not gonna do this thing, ok? You’re smart, and funny, and beautiful and so much better than those ”friends” of yours.Don’t give up , ok? I bet you are gonna meet some awesome friends in high school 🙂 I know that ‘cause i was the same last year when i start my 9th grade, and I found that fresh start 🙂 If your friends don’t see how awesome you are they’re just a bunch of idiots. And if you’re tired of that situation, I can say it’s the same or much worse on the other side :)) I’m exact the opposite; they push me to grow up and they say I’m a teen and I have to live my life and those kind of bullshits. And you know how that happend? Because they’re parents. My grandpa kept my mom in a platinum cage, and because she could not experiment those things , she give me a lot of liberty. And it’s sucks and sometimes it’s scares the hell out of me :))
    So, head up and move on ‘ 🙂 ‘cause you know, either way, I’m here and I’m not the only one 🙂

  2. Just like Lexy said :we are all here just for you and I believe that we ar whole lot better than all those „friends” of yours..In a way,I am glad to see that my post is not the only one,and that you made one too but it hurts and if is somebody that understands that,we are.
    Look,think like Adela!She’s been through a lot of things but know she showed Isis and Jen and Gabe and Edan that she moved on,and now she is better than all of them together.Don’t loose hope!That’s the most important thing in life because without her we wouldn’t have dreams,and dreams are part of our imagination and imagination brought us toghether,here.So get your armour,because someone is gonna be chased trought Ploiesti and is not gonna be me!
    Yeah,and about that crap „stay my little girl forever”…I’ve been there,you’ve been there,it gets boring so let’s move on.Thats kind of thing that I said to my mom…so you can do the same or be more original but just say it.It will set you free.Stop being their puppet and cut your strings!Remember what B is saying : before you could run,you must learn how to walk,and you’re walking on higheels so I guess I don’t have to say anything.
    Yeah,another thing… .Your english is better in this post than was mine because I asked a friend of mine from London if I wrote something correct and she said that more than 90% was wrong so… be happy!You are young,talented,beautiful so don’t make that face at me,ok!!!You are loved unconditionly (I don’t think I wrote correct) and just by your parents,but us too.You are awsome so show that to the world!

    • Thanks so much B… I just… i know all these things but I just feel sometimes like I can’t live my life because of these restrictions, and I realize those are not really my friends, but I don’t know if I really have any here that will always be my friends, all I know is that I have you guys and that’s why I needed to tell ya’
      Haha and thanks for apreciation… I actually like talking in english 🙂 GIRL, you have friends in London and you didn’t tell me?! I wanna visit London so baaad… :))

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