Talk ~ for everyone :D

* Idee noua – Rubrica noua 😀 *

^_^ Supernatural Talk ^_^

Me watching Supernatural: OMG so scared!! so scared!! Oh, but I have to see this…

And then scary thing appears…



Me: don’t look at mirrors…don’t look at mirrors…don’t look at mirrors…The hell who bought so many mirrors?! Oh, me…don’t look at  mirrors…

*Looking at mirror, something is moving*

* Just my cat…*

Me: Oh, god, who bought a cat?! Oh, me again

( P.S. Next time I want to buy something…I won’t! )

*Going back to sleep*


Me: Maybe a strigoi will come…Or maybe that crazy doctor from that episode…Or the girl who killed her family and her adoptive family… Or the demon…WHAT IF THE DEMON COMES AT ME?!…no, I don’t have 6 months…What if it’s a vampire and I have to save my family? Maybe is just a lie and they really are sparkling… if it’s like that I can deal with them… Of course they’re not sparkling, for the love of god…

*hear a noise*


*Tomorow night*

Me: Oh, I miss Dean, let’s watch another ep…

I’m screwed…DEAN! SAVE ME!!!


7 gânduri despre “Talk ~ for everyone :D

    • offf nu sunt cu astea de groaza, intr-o perioada eram dar prefer sa nu ma gandesc la asta pentru ca n-as mai dormi deloc :)) oricum ma uit la Supernatural pentru ca-s prea curioasa cu ce se intampla cu ei doi :))

  1. :)))) si mie imi e frica sa ma uit la horror noaptea dar daca filmele alea teau speriat uitate la Smiley …la ala abia am avut tupeu sa ma uit la trilar…:D

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