Interview – Elle Strauss

Hello there! So, today I am posting an interview with Elle Strauss, the first author who was so kind to send me an ebook copy of her book, Perception for review! I promise that I’ll start reading it after I finish the first Pretty Little Liars book!

Anyway, here is the interview:

Tell us about your last book.

I have two new books. I write younger YA as Elle Strauss and upper YA as Lee Strauss.  I’ve recently released LOVE, TINK (as Elle Strauss) in 6 novella episodes. It’s an adaptation of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. The first episode is free. Here is the Amazon  DE link.

(Rya’s note: I’ve read the first chapter – awsome, so original and it looks like Tinkerbell is in love 😉 anyway I always thought Peter and Tink should be a couple 😀 )

It’s also at other Europe Amazon stores and at Kobo and itunes.

go too far. Books one and two are out.As Lee Strauss I’m working on a Science Fiction/dystopian series called PERCEPTION that questions whether we can let technology

Do you ever experience writer’s block?

Sometimes. It helps me to go for a hike. That seems to work to unblock it.

How do you feel about ebooks vs. print books?

I prefer ebooks, but I’ll still pick up the occasional print book.

Where is one place in the world that you would really love to visit someday? Would you write about it? 

I’ve  never been to Asia or to Africa and would like to one day. It’s always possible I would write about it! 🙂


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