(First) Interview: Nina Croft – Primul interviu de pe blog :)

Deeeeeci…am reusit sa iau un interviu 🙂 Nina Croft a fost asa de draguta sa-mi raspunda la cateva intrebari pentru blog si ii multumesc din tot sufletul!

Soooo…i managed to get an interview 🙂 Nina Croft was so nice to answer some questions for the blog and I thank her from all my heart!

Nina Croft grew up in the north of England. After training as an accountant, she spent four years working as a volunteer in Zambia which left her with a love of the sun and a dislike of 9-5 work. She then spent a number of years mixing travel (whenever possible) with work (whenever necessary) but has now settled down to a life of writing and picking almonds on a remote farm in the mountains of southern Spain.

  • -When and why did you begin writing?

In my twenties, I worked as a volunteer in Africa for four years together with my husband. We lived in a remote village on the edge of Lake Kariba in Zambia. It was a spectacularly beautiful place, but we had no electricity, no television, no internet and very few books. I’ve always been an avid reader and I suffered and I took to writing as a means of entertaining myself. When I returned to England I put writing aside for a while, but then started again when we moved to Spain. We now live on an almond farm in the remote mountains of southern Spain. It’s an ideal place to read and write.

  • -Do you have to travel much concerning your books?

No. When I was younger we travelled a lot: Africa, India, South East Asia… All our spare time and money went on travel. Now however, we’ve settled down and we have a whole load of animals (four dogs, three cats, a horse, two goats, four chickens and a three-legged Vietnamese pot-bellied pig) so travel is difficult. I tend to set my books either in places I’ve lived. My latest release, Bittersweet Blood, is set in London where I lived and worked for about eight years before we went to Africa. Or I set my books in places that don’t exist at all—such as my Blood Hunter Science-fiction/paranormal series which is set in outer space.

  • -What is the hardest part of writing a book?

For me, the hardest part is deciding which book to write. Actually, settling on one idea. I have loads of things I’d love to work on but at some point I have to pick just one—and that’s hard.

  • -Do you have any advice for other writers?

I think the main thing is to persevere, just keep writing. There are going to be times when the whole business can get you down, but just hold on to your love of writing and keep going.

  • -Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?

When I first started writing, I wrote contemporary romance aimed at Harlequin. And I got several rejections. They were nice rejections—they liked my writing but I just wasn’t getting the stories quite right. I thought about it and realized that I didn’t read much contemporary romance anymore. But I read loads of paranormal. So I started writing paranormal romance instead. And I loved it. My first novella, The Prophecy, a paranormal romance with vampires, was accepted by Harlequin and published under their Nocturne Bites line in 2010. So I guess the thing is—write the sort of things you love to read.


  • -Cand ai inceput sa scrii?

Cam la 20 de ani, lucram ca voluntary in Africa pentru 4 ani cu sotul meu. Traiam in un oras in apropierea Lacului Kariba in Zambia. Era un loc frumos si spectaculors, dar nu aveam electricitate, televizor, internet si nu aveam decat putin carti. Intotdeauna am fost o cititoare pasionata si am gasit scrisul ca un mod de a ma distra. Cand m-am intors in Anglia am lasat scrisul deoparte pentru un timp, dar apoi am inceput iar cand ne-am mutat in Spania. Acum traim la o ferma de migdale in sudul Spaniei. E un loc ideal pentru scris si citit.

  • -Trebuie sa calatoresti mult pentru cartile tale?

Nu. Cand eram mai tanara calatoream mult: Africa, India, Sud-Estul Asiei…Tot timpul liber si banii ii foloseam pentru calatorii. Acum insa, ne-am stabilit intr-un loc si avem o multime de animale deci e dificil sa calatori. Eu am tendinta sa scriu in carti despre locuri in care am trait. In ultima carte, Bittersweet Blood (Sange amarui), actiunea se petrece in Londra unde am trait si muncit cam 8 ani inainte sa merg in Africa. Sau scriu despre locuri care nu exista de fapt – ca in seria Blood Hunter (Sf/paranormal) in care actiunea se  petrece in spatiu.

  • -Care e cea mai grea parte cand vine vorba de a scrie o carte?

Pentru mine, cea mai grea parte este sa decide ce carte sa scriu. Sa imi aleg o singura idee. Am o multime de lucruri despre care mi-ar placea sa scriu dar trebuie sa aleg unul singur – iar asta e greu.

  • -Ai vreun sfat pentru alti scriitori?

Cred ca cel mai important lucru este sa perseverezi, doar continua sa scrii. O sa fie momente cand toata treaba o sa te supere, dar bazeaza-te pe dragostea ta pentru scris si continua sa o faci.

  • -Poti sa ne spui despre provocarile pe care le-ai intalnit cand prima ta carte a fost publicata?

Cand am inceput sa scriu prima data, am scris carti de dragoste contemporana si am primit cateva repingeri. Erau respingeri dragute – le placea ceea ce scriam, dar povestile nu erau chiar bune, potrivite. M-am gandit la asta si am realizat ca nu citeam  asa de multe carti de dragoste. Dar citeam mult carti din categoria paranormalului. Deci am inceput sa scriu carti de dragoste-paranormala in loc. Si mi-a placut. Prima mea carte, Profetia, cu vampire, a fost accepta de Harlequim si publicata in seria Nocturne Bites in 2010. Deci cred ca trebuie sa scrii despre lucruri de care iti place sa citesti.

Bittersweet Blood – Blurb

Tara Collins just wants to be normal. Everyone else wants her dead.
Tara’s eccentric aunt raised her to be fearful of the world and follow the rules. But after her aunt’s death, Tara is ready to take control and experience life for the first time. But she quickly discovers that everything she’s been told is a web of lies. Determined to solve the mystery of who she is truly, she hires private investigator to help her uncover the truth.
Christian Roth is more than your average PI. A vampire and ex-demon hunter, Christian lives among the humans, trying to be “normal.” But recently, things seem to be falling apart. There’s a crazed demon hell-bent on revenge hunting him down and a fae assassin on the loose with an unknown target. Plus, the Order he abandoned desperately needs his help.
As the secrets of Tara’s past collide with the problems in Christian’s present, she finds herself fighting her attraction to the dark and mysterious investigator. Falling in love does not fit into her plans at all, but Tara soon learns that some rules are meant to be broken.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Nina_Croft
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/NinaCroft




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